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We are always looking for good people to become our next Re-seller. If you have a knack for sales and are interested in making some serious money. Then we want to hear from you. The MuViBox Independent Re-seller program is a “Direct Sales” model that allows you to build your own sales team of Affiliates, Distributors, Re-sellers or Sales Associates giving you a real five or six figure income potential.

Please email us below and we will discuss your goals. Average part-time monthly income of $2,500. Full-time incomes can exceed $15,000!!!

  • Uncapped Earning Potential
  • Earn a 5 Figure Income without waiting months or years
  • Buy Direct @ Discount
  • No Minimum Sales Quotas
  • Training and Support provided
  • Ideal for Generating Great Income

Re-Seller Application

Become an Affiliate

The difference between the Re-Seller and Affiliate programs is simple. If you are going to treat selling MuviBoxes as a business then you most likely wan’t to become a Re-Seller because the margins are higher. If you are just looking for some extra income and you have a good social following and can share links with people who will buy a MuviBox or you just don’t want to invest any money or deal with inventory then you will most likely want to become an affiliate. An Affiliate gets a unique Link and anytime people you know click your unique link and purchase a MuviBox you generate 20% in commission off of that sale. No Inventory, No Investment.

  • Uncapped Earning Potential
  • No Minimum Sales Quotas
  • Training and Support provided
  • Great for Generating Extra Income
  • No Need to Keep Inventory
  • No Initial Investment

Affiliate Signup

Interested in Learning More?  Call our Sales Team at 561-573-9442

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