What is the MuViBox?

MuViBox is an all-in-one streaming device unlike any others on the market that turns any TV into a Smart streaming device. Combining the essence of an easy to use menu (Very easy to use if you’re a non-technical person) with an unlimited amount of content to watch delivered to your home with no monthly fees. With MuviBox, if you can dream it, you can stream it!

What content is available on the MuViBox?

With MuviBox, you get access to virtually every TV show and movie ever made from the 1970’s through today. You also get live sporting events, news, streaming music, adult content, music, fitness programs, language learning and 1000’s of apps like Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pandora and a web browser. Get ready to cancel all those extra subscriptions and start saving today.

What Networks are available on the MuViBox?

MuviBox works differently than your normal Cable/Satellite does. Instead of searching for networks or channels that your shows are on, all you need to do is just type in the name of the movie or show you want to play and and it will just come up. The need for remembering channels or networks are over. Just Search, Click & Stream!

Are there commercials?

No, the programming on the MuViBox is commercial free. If you’re watching movies or shows, you will not see any commercials. If you’re watching live sports, the commercials will be blacked out but you will not be able to fast forward because it actually live.

Can I watch the news?

Absolutely. Most major network news is available on the MuViBox. The MuViBox includes a plethora of news stations including, but not limited to: CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, BBC, RT, CNN International, FOX, HLN, Bloomberg, CNBC, ESPN, Fox Business and Sky – more news networks than any other medium in existence and all for free. MuviBox does NOT include local news channels because of the thousands of channels that would be needed to have everyone’s local channel on the box. However, we do sell an HD Antenna which will give you all your local channels in HD Quality. For more information CLICK HERE.

Can I cancel my cable?

This is entirely up to the discretion of the user. From our feedback, we estimate that 50% of people cancel their cable subscriptions entirely and 50% downgrade to basic programming due to their cable contracts. We do recommend keeping a basic cable package just in case your internet goes down because you won’t be able to access MuviBox without Internet service.

Do I need one per television?

Yes, however if you purchase more than 1 unit you can take advantage of our multiple unit discounts. Alternatively, since the device literally fits in the palm of your hand, you can easily Plug & Play to any TV you want to use it with. It’s as easy as hooking up only 2 cords, 1 HDMI & 1 Power cord (All Included with purchase) Many of our customers even travel with their MuViBoxes since all you need is an internet connection.

Do you offer a discount if I purchase multiple devices?

Yes, our offers are changing constantly. You can check out Product Page for Multiple Unit Discounts.

How is the MuViBox different than the Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV?

The Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV Pay to Play devices with limited content which means we’re still stuck paying rental fees or purchase fees to view content that isn’t free. MuViBox has NO monthly fees and has no limits to what you can watch which allows access to virtually any Movie and TV Show from the 1970’s through Today. The Roku and AppleTV simply don’t have the media, hardware or software capabilities of the MuViBox and therefore are incapable of providing as much content and as much of an experience as the MuViBox.

How are you different than a Kodi/XBMC Box?

We are not a Kodi Box, we use our own app “MuviBox” which allows customers to always stay up to date with changes through our cloud updater. We work very similar to a Kodi/XBMC Box in which you can watch any content you want but we have designed a much simpler user interface for everyone to use which means you don’t have to be a technical genius to work it. The main difference with our software is the way we keep our customers updated with the changes that constantly occur. With Kodi, customers will always be outdated within 3-6 months unless you’re a technical person and are willing to spend time programming and reading about the changes that occur daily. MuviBox does all that for you leaving you free time to do other things, besides chores.

Is all of this legal?

Yes. Absolutely. The MuViBox is 100% Legal. The MuViBox uses third party programs written externally by programmers and developers. Our custom software allows you to view all your movies and shows without hosting, downloading or uploading the content which is what makes streaming content legal. Don’t get fooled by others claiming that their box only streams content, but in actuality downloads sections of content while streaming which is the difference between legal and illegal streaming.

Does the MuViBox have Hulu and Netflix?

Since Muvibox turns your TV into a SMART TV, you can absolutely download any application you want including NETFLIX or HULU, however most people cancel their Netflix and Hulu subscriptions because all the content available on Netflix and Hulu is available on the MuViBox plus so much more for FREE

Will it work overseas?

The MuViBox will work ANYWHERE there is an internet connection!

Is it easy? Do I need to be tech savvy?

We have spent years developing Muvibox to make sure it was easy enough so anyone can use it. There are no special skills needed. Just plug it in and you’re ready to go. The system self updates, self calibrates and fixes are sent directly to the MuViBox. We also send you a easy to follow Quick Start Guide to help guide you navigate the software. The MuViBox is so easy to use, even adults can use it.

Orders and Returns

How long is shipping?

All MuViBox orders are shipped Priority Class USPS. You’ll receive your package in 3-5 business days based on where it’s being sent. If ordering during the holidays, please allow an extra 2 – 4 days. Priority Class USPS includes USPS Tracking which will be sent to you automatically via e-mail once package is sent.

What is your return policy?

We’re so confident you will love our product that we slap a 30 day, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every purchase. If for any reason you don’t love MuViBox, you can return it within 30 calendar days no questions asked. What do you have to lose, besides some bills?

Is there a warranty?

Absolutely! CLICK HERE to view our warranty.

You can also purchase our additional 3 Year no hassle warranty which covers you for anything that life throws at it, like you’re dog mistaking it for a treat.


Can I watch sports with MuViBox?

MuViBox offers the ability to watch live sporting events, however you need a strong internet connection to watch live events due to the bandwidth requirements. the streams can be inconsistent in both quality and reliability depending on the speed of your internet connection.

Does the MuViBox play 4K media?

The MuViBox is capable of playing up to 4Kx2K UHD (4K is four times the high definition resolution of 1080p)

Does the MuViBox have DVR capabilities?

There will be no need to record programs with the MuViBox. The MuViBox allows you to watch virtually any TV show or movie ever made ON DEMAND commercial free. Think of this along the lines of NETFLIX but without limits, allowing you to view every show or movie on any network available today. Long gone are the days of fast forwarding through commercials on a DVR.

Does the MuViBox support digital surround sound?

Yes. The MuViBox supports digital surround sound over HDMI and SPDIF (Dolby® 7.1 and 5.1 surround pass through).

Does the MuViBox have 3D content?

Yes, the MuViBox has all your favorite 3D movies supported in a number of passive 3D movie formats encoded in SBS, TAB, anaglyph or interlaced.

Does the MuViBox have WiFi?

The MuViBox has dual band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11b/g/n as well as a direct Ethernet connection. However, depending on how far your router is from the MuviBox, its always great practice to use the direct Ethernet connection for the best performance.

Can I use a wireless keyboard or mouse with the MuViBox?

Yes! You can purchase a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to pair with the MuViBox, or buy a wireless keyboard and mouse and plug the wireless dongle in one of the available USB slots. We also offer an optional remote upgrade that includes an air mouse and a full QWERTY pad.

How fast does my internet need to be?

Most of today’s basic internet packages will suffice, but since we are a streaming device, the faster your internet, the better the MuViBox works. We suggest at least 10 MBps  & up for a great streaming experience with MuViBox.

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Stop Paying More. Get MuViBox Today!

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